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The month of Gemini has brought extraordinary elegance to my personal lifestyle and fashion choices. Let me share my experiences and discoveries.

Fashion Time with Pako Lorente

Who consumed my time in the best sense of men's fashion? Well, it’s #PakoLorente!

Elegantly styling Pako Lorente menswear fashions for a timeless and sophisticated look.

From my smile, it's clear that I shine like new money. Dressing, discovering, advising, listening, suggesting, and creating have become charming daily routines, all while immersed in the abundance of men's clothing. The soon-to-be-released collections (Pre-Fall, mini collection Modern Office, special collection Traveler) will showcase the fashion formula of ELEGANCE and freedom.

I invite all men who want to refresh their wardrobe to visit the Pako Lorente salon in Vilnius Akropolis. The company's slogan "Confident!" will become part of your work, casual, or festive image!

The Perfect Accompaniments


The song "Give a Bit of Mmh to Me" (1978) by the mysterious and elegant French singer Amanda Lear has been my recent favorite. Its nostalgic charm and sophisticated vibe perfectly complement the elegance of Gemini month.


Sauvignon Blanc ASYMMETRIC (2022 Marlborough, New Zealand) – this white wine boasts an exquisite taste with crisp notes and a refreshing finish. It’s a delightful choice for any elegant gathering.


While unisex perfumes are trending, I sought something feminine, gentle, unique, and elegant. My thoughts returned to Asia, and in the perfume department, my hand picked up Shiseido Ginza Tokyo. A few drops on the wrist sniffed, and I instantly fell in love - "Give a Bit of Mmh to Me"!!!

Stylish Finds


When M flies for business, it has become a tradition for him to smile and say, “A new lipstick as a gift?” and it instantly lifts my mood. This month was no different - "Yves Saint Laurent?" he asked the night before. "Dior Addict," I replied with a smile, and as for the color, I always like what this Gemini representative picks for me. He chose Diorama (744). It’s an elegant color that I love.


It might be strange to admit, but I bought my first jacket. Emme. Linen. Bright blue. It wrinkles like hell, breathes angelically, and is incredibly elegant. It clings like a second skin.

Let's Eat?!

Exciting news! Lithuania landed on the Michelin Guide map in 2024, with 26 mentions and 4 Michelin-starred restaurants: Džiaugsmas, Demoloftas, Pas mus, and Nineteen18. The plan or intention is to visit them all!

Inspirations and Accessories

Reality show and special accessories?

Owning Manhattan.

Real estate magnate Ryan Serhant, leading one of New York's largest firms, inspires agents to master the art of selling the most expensive properties. His elegant style and wrists adorned with bracelets captivate me.

Finally, the lesson of the Month?

Never say NEVER!!!

If my stories resonate with You, let's connect through my Concept Store, Affiliates, or Virtual Brew. It all keeps the storyline going.