I'm AGNE or IMAGINE, a designer and creative entrepreneur who's all about blending writing with design.


As a fashion student, I puzzled my lecturers by weaving words into my creations. But now, it's clear: this is what made me unique.

1st Fashion Collection "Fast and Furious" / Habitus Baltia Grand Prix 2004

Since 2009, I've been exploring the world in the AGNElogue series:

MAGNEtic Milan

ANGEL in Malaysia and Singapore

ImAGiNE Beijing

ENiGmA of Vilnius

chamAGNE please! πŸ₯‚πŸΎ

Since 2018, I've been rooted in Vilnius, exploring a designer’s life alongside my love, M.

I'm here to inspire you to embrace chAllENGes, explore endlessly, and dedicate yourself to what sets your soul on fire!

Got questions or want to collaborate? Let's chat.

Yours creatively,

orANGE 🍊 πŸ™ƒ


If my stories resonate with You, let's connect through my Concept Store, Affiliates, or Virtual Brew. It all keeps the storyline going.