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The pillow is one of my favorite items in the house, where you can capture something philosophical or very positive. I also think it can be a great gift.

The childhood game Pillow Fight, when you jump and go crazy on the bed, run cheerfully screaming, with tangled and static hair around the house, was my favorite (not counting Hide & Seek).

Sometimes I want to play it, even with Him, just not to be bored!

We often "sleep" during the day. We go to bed and fall asleep with our problems and images from the fake world of social media.

Imagine how good it feels to get slammed with an Imagine pillow?!

Bang with Imagine – imagine, create, dream, think, implement!

Pillow case "Imagine"

Imagine how good it feels to get slammed with an Equanimity pillow?!

Bang with Equanimity – calm down, breathe, balance yourself, stay calm and conscious!

Pillow case "Equanimity"

BANG! BANG! BANG! Loud laughter, frenzy, cheeky devilish eyes! And suddenly you are AWAKE & HAPPY to create your own unique and interesting life. The "Image" & "Equanimity" pillowcases you can find here.

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