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Malaysia. I was looking down at my smartphone, like almost everyone else on the bus. I managed to get a seat facing the rear window – lucky, or maybe not. I was SAD. Yes, uppercase and in bold. It appeared that everything I do doesn't make sense too...

We all feel like failures from time to time... right?

The knock-knock distracted me. “Who's there?” I thought. It was the rain, trying to get my attention. I raised my head and saw the write-up on church's wall “GEREJA St. Ignatius”. Moreover, in the Lithuanian language, the word "GEREJA" means IT'S GETTING BETTER.

“OMG! It is GETTING BETTER!”, I smiled and decided not to give in to provocations of life, as usual seeing myself and life from a positive perspective.

Since that day "IT'S GETTING BETTER" became a daily mantra. And the mantra became a unique designer pin with a hidden concept.

"Gereja" is a way of not giving up.

If something doesn’t seem to work out – try again until it does. Search. Ask. Be curious. If it’s dark (in every sense) – believe that the light is somewhere near and at least a small ray will find and light up the way for you. In the long run, all dark clouds will scatter. If something bad has happened or is happening – soon we are recovering, healing, overcoming insurmountable, believing, wanting, crying, pushing ourselves forward. Finally, no matter what happens (good or bad), keep in mind that it will pass, and have faith in the process.

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P.S. Thanks for the kind words!

★★★★★ "Loaded with an immensely positive outlook! This lovely pin brings an abstract idealistic attitude into a precise material form that is as vibrant and playful as the single-word statement that it is. Looks even better than expected. Thank you!" (Mindaugas J.)

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