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As someone said – the same God who proposed the business idea will send customers, so I will continue my work! I'll admit, sometimes it's very slow, like that Snail, but it’s probably important not to stop, right?

I make coffee, fix my sleeves, and after warming up my fingers in a few movements, I type on the keyboard like a pianist plays the piano.

If you noticed, my website has been updated and my posts have taken on an even nicer look! I'm sooo happy!

Lezione Di Vita: Here I remembered the words that were once hammered into my head at the Academy of Fine Arts – the most important thing is that it shouldn’t "smell like sweat", which means that you can work thousands of hours, but the final presentation – must be light and cute like a feather.

In the evenings, I continue to slowly read and enjoy Anna Murphy's "Destination Fabulous" book. I always want to read gems slowly.

There are two thoughts that I must include in the life lessons folder:

The first is about the fact that women who want to get younger from invasive beauty treatments do not look younger, they just look different or so that they have done something. This thought makes you think a lot, consciously stop, and let yourself be.

I like the next one more. Becoming older (most likely already from the happy age of 3A0) you need to try incorporating something new to your style. That always refreshes the entire look. I strongly support this idea of newness; I always try to keep my Bimba Y Lola sneakers clean and shiny like new. Manicure, bright lipstick, or just a new piece of clothing – always makes it better.

Well, as I continue my thoughts on fashion, I love these two trends of this year:

First is Quite Luxury (Vogue wrote about it)

When your outfit’s most important thing is time-tested basic clothes and quality in every sense (silhouette, fabric, fulfillment, etc.). NO LABEL or no massive labels.

The second – Retired – is when inspiration comes from seniors (check the Gramparents Instagram for inspiration).

And indeed, how cool they dress – for example, something very old plus comfort, plus something NOT RIGHT or just DIFFERENT.

At the bus stop, I took a photo of an old man with a comfortable and classy Burberry-type sand-color coat with large lapels, a protruding collar of a striped shirt, a New York Yankees hat, and such a rather large first-grader backpack with neon-lit stripe. It looked extremely stylish-playful and a little different from standing at the bus stop.

Or my dad, already a senior, bought a brand-new windproof sport-cut jacket, with an orange thread mini-butterfly embroidered on the front pocket. Looks super!

So, if one day you go to the store wearing pink fluffy slippers or something that doesn’t seem right, remember that this is a fashion inspired by seniors and that's it.

It seems to me that if we used this style formula "Quite Luxury + Retired + Something New" in the outfit, then we would end up having a very interesting and modern style. Play and experiment, so you don’t get bored! And as my friend says – BE BOLD.

Well, in conclusion, I want to mention the fact that I am inspired by those who read what I write. One person messaged me that the vibe of my posts is very beautiful, and the books are magical; the others mentioned that my posts are like a good piece of chocolate with coffee or tea before bedtime, which are always reserved for enjoyment.

Finally, I created the Buy Me a Coffee page. With just a few taps (no account needs to be created), you can buy me a cup of coffee and leave a message, thus supporting my creations! Coffee and beautiful words – a great motivation to continue! Sip, Sip, and thank You!

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