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40 years on Earth... Feels like an achievement. In Asia, the number 4 is not considered a happy number and a lucky 3A is used instead, so let this birthday be – THE HAPPY 3A0.

When I was at my best friend's stylish grandmother's funeral, my friend turned to me and said – 'If we count life in my grandmother's years, we still have fifty ahead of us' (both of our eyes had a devilish glare).

Wow. Indeed, if there's still so much time left, it's a WOW, for sure.

As I was thinking about this special day, I realized, I would like to share with you the 40 Lezioni Di Vita (en. Life Lessons) that I learned, but when I was writing it down, it turned out that I was still learning (an eternal student) and having it in one of my writings doesn’t necessarily mean I have learned it 100%. I could name myself a lessons collector, but I've only learned maybe 4, oh 3a lessons... But in general, I noticed that life lessons get forgotten, not all become part of you, and sometimes you roll down the stairs so low that you must concentrate, get up, and learn to climb again.

The first lesson hides in a distant childhood memory when I was playing and putting a chair on another, climbing with the desire to touch imaginary Mars, only to fall hard when my building collapsed.

I bruised my nose but also learned a lesson, that fantasy and reality aren’t the same. But fantasy always frees me, it is a huge engine of life that helps not only to write these short stories, to create the life of a designer but also to develop design products or even to contribute to the beauty of this planet in its way / in yourself. I share this trip in my e-book Touching Mars.

The second lesson fits in the word CLOTHES.

You may not agree with me, but the garment creates our being.

It can make us get up at the earliest hour in the morning, help us get the job we want, or inspire others. It is only by feeling comfortable in our clothes that we can truly live with dignity.

And believe me, even crying is easier in a stylish dress!

From time to time working with people's wardrobes through the clothes I touch their lives by bringing new shapes, quality, and colors. So feel free to inquire if you feel lost in the abundance of clothes and have not yet answered the question of how you want to look.

The third is the values I have refined – FREEDOM, CERTAINTY, and TRUST.

As I live, I have to feel free to choose and make decisions, I adore (thought out, created, thoughtful, conceptualized, without lies) real things, and I love those I can trust, and they love me back. Don't be angry if my Instagram isn't perfect, I don’t ‘bake’ reels like pancakes in the morning, and sometimes I get questions like "Where's Agnes Vei?". I AM, I am here, every day and every night, sometimes I sleep peacefully, sometimes I don't, sometimes I'm silent because creativity loves SILENCE (laser focus), sometimes I don't answer because I'm in the process, sometimes I just leave to WALK IT OUT.

The fourth fits in the word ASIA. It's both EQUANIMITY's philosophy, MEDITATION, and SOMETHING MORE.

And finally, I love TO LIVE, BUT TO REPEAT, and I want this new page of life to inspire me to live at least 3A0 years more.


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