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This weekend (my weekend can currently be any day of the week), I comfortably settled on the sofa and watched the 2022 crime thriller "The Outfit," which sparked a reflection on my own journey in men's fashion. The movie tells the story of Leonard, an English tailor who used to make suits on the world-famous Savile Row in London. After a personal tragedy, he ends up in Chicago and establishes a small tailor shop where he makes clothes for those who can afford them, namely gangsters.

The most relevant and memorable part of the film was the beginning, whose words I wrote down the very next day. In those words, like in the framework of a boutique, is my dear and cozy everyday life, encompassing impressive numbers:

Chicago 1956 m. (Leonard) To the naked eye, a suit appears to consist of two parts, a jacket and trousers. But those two seemingly solid parts are composed of four different fabrics. Cotton, silk, mohair, and wool. And those four fabrics are cut into 38 separate pieces. The process of sizing, forming, and conjoining those pieces requires no fewer than 228 steps. So the first step is measurement. But “measurement” doesn’t mean, uh… just reaching for your tape. So many inches here, so many inches there. No, no, no. You cannot make something good until you understand who you’re making it for. All clothing says something. I’ve had gentlemen walk into my shop and boast, “Oh, I don’t care what I wear.” And assuming that’s true, doesn’t that say something too? So, who is your customer? And what are you trying to say about him? A man walks through your door. What about him can you observe? Is he timid, hunched over like a midday clock? Or does he stand with confidence, spine at 6:00 and 12:00? Is this a man of springtime pastels, clamoring to be noticed? Or is this a man of gray and brown, blending into the hurried crowd? Is this a man comfortable in his station? Or does he pine for grander things? And who would this man like to be? And who is he underneath? Take your measure… and when you understand who he is… then you are ready to begin.

Now once again, as many years ago, I have returned to men's fashion. Could you imagine that what seems to be just a two-piece suit can be cut from as many as 38 parts? And it takes 228 steps to complete it! Yes, modern fashion compared to 1956 Chicago is fast, with new equipment and lasers replacing handwork, but the essence lies in mastering complexity.

Dressing grooms, their fathers, or male guests, or perhaps simply updating His wardrobe with spring-summer or autumn-winter inspirations – this is both my inspiration and motivation to continue creating.

Seeing people every day looking for renewal through clothing, I always catch myself thinking – how different we are. For some, it's important that it's neat and clean; for others, it's tied to history; and for some, God lives in the details, precision, minimalism, colors, patterns, quality, even very specific brands. And some will keep saying, "Oh, I don't care what I wear." And some, who don't have time to delve into the complex offerings of fashion, are dressed by others, and this can become the most charming win-win of the day.

There is still so much to discover in this life!

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