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Sometimes I consciously avoid writing because it demands laser focus, and lately, there's been so much going on! With the spring sun and warmer weather, new projects have also arrived. Everything I do fills me up, charges me up, and it feels like I'm shining bright like new money (✨).

January embodied the word NEGATIVE. February was shrouded in ENIGMA. But as March comes to a close, I can confidently name it CHANGE, a word filled with changes and new winds!✨

What good things happened in March?

✨ I'm still very sad about the extraordinary style icon Iris Apfel, as people like her could live forever... But living through 102 years of style, fashion, and beauty inspires action, inspiration, and creating beauty, wherever you are and whatever you're doing.

✨ Spring wardrobe. Everything I mentioned in the post "Spring Look Creation: Crafting Your Personal Wardrobe with 5 Tangible Improvisations" arrived quickly and perfectly fit. Well, the price of the two items doubled because the purchases came from Australia and I had to pay customs, but these are creations of the talented JL (James Lillis)!

The wardrobe also added black denim MQ pants from Sukne boutique and Nike Air Max sneakers, which I was lucky to buy with a 50% discount!

In the boutique, you will also find my newest kimonos "Champagne" and "Lady Almond" made of virgin wool and cashmere blend.

✨ I have mentioned before that I work with wardrobes. I want to rejoice that starting this month, I become a part of the modern Polish company Pako Lorente, and I invite all men to renew and rediscover themselves differently - through modern clothes and an updated wardrobe! At the Pako Lorente salon, we will dress you from head to toe, and the price-quality ratio is perfect. I will start writing more about men's fashion trends soon, and if I caught your interest, let's get in touch and arrange a time!

✨ I also want to rejoice that lately I have met truly amazing, business-minded, and modern people who are exceptionally close, warm, active, and inspire me to improve, learn more, and enlighten.

✨ Yoga and the yoga mat continue to be the space of my daily life, where I can leave everything that didn't work out today and continue unfinished tasks tomorrow.

That's how March is.

It will be crowned with colorful, patterned, and creative Easter celebrations with family, delicious food, and conversations.

Happy holidays, let's get in touch!

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