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Quite recently, a friend asked me how my writings are born.
What do you mean, HOW?

I thought about it, and then I tried to improvise and share my thoughts.

The role of clothing, perhaps the overall image, is important because I'd never write if I'd just gotten up with slightly messy hair. I sit to write after a shower, coffee, and breakfast, dressing up and doing my make-up for the day. I respect both: myself and you, even if you can't see me.

For example, when writing this post, I am in a café. My OOTD is an All Saints asphalt-colored jumper with two holes in the upper back, through which you can see a white Uniqlo T-shirt. I’m also wearing Scotch & Soda brand jeans and Bimba Y Lola sneakers. My perfume – All Saints unisex “Incense City” (mystical incense + an energetic city).

At best, there must be SILENCE.

If silence is deadly – ideal, because only then do you hear yourself. Perhaps, there is light chaos and the voices of loved ones at the beginning, and the mind brings up current problems of life or the fact that there is no more almond milk in the refrigerator. Finally, after the noise settles down, I can write the first sentence. If there is no silence, I leave. Sometimes I listen to conversations, read already written posts, and dig through, like a mother in the garden, because perfection has no limit.

When I get the silence I want, I write down the first sentence and my story continues by itself. There's a lot of mysticism in that.

I like texts with a concept, an idea, or a lesson.

As I mentioned in the post "10 books which pages you want to kiss", I mostly learned to write while living in Beijing. And indeed, there are two books that I suggest reading to anyone who wants to start this journey:

1. Stephen King "On Writing"

2. Anne Lamott "Bird by Bird"

Sometimes a memory pops into the second sentence, sometimes a design product created or already used by me, and sometimes it is a thought, heard, or read somewhere. I like to remember and repeat life lessons from the past, so you will always find references to previously written work in my posts.

Sometimes it writes itself just by walking it out (Latin. Solvitur Ambulando), when, it seems, you not only work out while walking for about an hour but at the same time, you inhale the air of the Vilnius Old Town or nature, acknowledge yourself in the action, make up or notice an interesting person, find a feather or a penny on the ground, kick a pebble under your feet.

Sometimes I just want to write down how I feel and see if like-minded people are feeling the same way.

And this is very SENSITIVE. Those writing vibrations are very subtle. Every sentence is empathetic or full of life. And words are such a powerful tool by which I try to make you feel uplifted, inspired, or allow you to discover something new in my writings. It doesn't always work out, but it's easiest to write when your soul is in pain. But then the art of sentences appears to have a meaning, beauty, and the whole piece instantly acquires HEALING POWER.

That is HOW those writings are born.

And I am very grateful to everyone who reads and supports what I do.

If my stories resonate with You, let's connect through my Concept Store, Affiliates, or Virtual Brew. It all keeps the storyline going.