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Back in early May, I decided that the month would be mAGNEtic, aiming to attract everything my heart desires. This intentional focus led me to embrace a mindset of positivity and attraction.

As the days went by, I transformed 'mAGNEtic' into 'mAGic' by crossing out the letters 'NE' (equal to 'NO'). What followed was truly magical - experiences brimming with joy, inspiring people, captivating books, new clothes that felt like a second skin, and the warm embrace of the summer sun. Hey, why walk when you can dance?

I recalled that during my time in Asia, people occasionally called me AG, especially those who found it difficult to pronounce my four-letter name. This nickname, though simple, felt like a badge of uniqueness.

With a heart full of happiness, I dive into June. According to Vogue fashion journalists and street photographers, this is the month of GEMINI, perfect for dressing in harmony with your significant other, best friend, or kindred spirit!

My mind is brimming with thoughts, fashion insights, and experiences waiting to be shared. Yet, summer's vibrant energy sweeps me into its passions, making it hard to focus.

We’ll be in touch! Let’s see where this magical journey takes me next.

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