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When boredom strikes, I close my eyes and let it teleport me to the places I've lived, reviving cherished personal growth and fashion memories of Milan, Malaysia, Singapore, China, and my hometown Vilnius. By 'fashion,' I mean personal style, the people I’ve met, trends, food, city vibes, and overall aesthetics. A wise friend once said, 'If you've lived somewhere, you have more than one ❤.' In my case, I have four.

Returning to Vilnius is not just a homecoming; it's a reunion with the city that inspired my novel, "Bored in Vilnius." In its cobblestone streets and hidden corners, the tale of Barbora (Bo) comes to life, a narrative that weaves through the city's rich tapestry by exploring three enthralling topics: books, men, and dreams.

And now, here I am who is unlocking the mysteries of Vilnius and extending my reach worldwide. From this ENiGmAtic city, I share my ideas with readers across the globe. Thank you for being so supportive! ❤ I hope my thoughts inspire you to be persistent explorers who face challenges with unwavering determination. Much love to all, and remember, the journey of exploration never truly ends!

Reflecting on AGNElogue chapters, each city's story carries a hidden gem - a piece of me, AGNE. From Milan's mAGNEtic allure to the ANGElic encounters in Malaysia, the imAGiNativE spirit of Beijing, and the ENiGmAtic charm of Vilnius, my name echoes through the letters that define this design journey.

Now I find myself pondering: where is my fifth ❤?

Yet, upon reflection, I realize that my heart resides in creation, in design, in my very own personal brand. No matter where I go, perhaps, amidst the cacophony of life, after the 3A0 it's time to silence the voices and embrace the equanimity and the present moment.

As I turn the page to the next design adventure, I invite you to return and explore with me. Until then, stay curious, and stay inspired.

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