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I brought the word EQUANIMITY from Asia. Well, there was this "who I am and what I aspire to do, what's the point of everything, etc." stage, like that of the Changing Season, when I was looking for answers to life's questions. Some of the thoughts are written in the book "Touching Mars"... And one of the discoveries fits into this magic-sounding word.

Bracelet "Equanimity"

When people ask me, what that "equanimity" means, which I wear every day engraved on a bracelet, then if briefly, I usually explain in a few phrases – a state of mental balance, self-collected, mentally balanced, evenness of mind, calmness, to accept what's happening with calmness and composure.

I also add an idea that I read in Colleen Saidman Yee's book "Yoga for Life: A Journey to Inner Peace and Freedom". Well, imagine a glass of water in which you add a teaspoon of salt. The water in the glass becomes salty and the medium suddenly changes. And now imagine the lake and how you add a teaspoon of salt to it, one more and one more and... And it doesn’t affect the lake, it stays calm with infrequent ripples. That's that state of "equanimity" – a calmly rippling lake.

And it's not easy to do. You must work with yourself, be conscious, breathe, and maybe even consciously flex your body while engaging in yoga and meditating. After all, EQUANIMOUS (adjective) would mean collected, balanced.

That's how the ‘Equanimity’ bracelet was born for Him and Her.

Bracelet "Equanimity"
After all, a lot happens during the day. We pass by loved ones or strangers. All sorts of energies pass through us every day, and sometimes a tiny thing can become that last drop that drowns you. Yes, a tiny thing can scour us, and scatter us into thousands of puzzle pieces... And wearing this bracelet, you keep reminding yourself to be conscious, to remain calm, and not to react either too joyfully or too aggressively.

I have already shipped quite a few bracelets to the United States. I always send it by registered mail for peace of mind. But you know, mail wouldn't be mail if something didn’t get stuck/lost from time to time. These are one-of-a-kind cases when, for example, something is stuck, and I get an e-mail full of anxiety, panic, and resentment, but it brings a smile to my face. The client, of course, receives an answer from me that everything is in order, please be patient, unforeseen circumstances have occurred, and you may receive a parcel tomorrow. But in reality, I want to write – "Hey, you ordered EQUANIMITY after all. The bracelet is already doing its job! ;)"

The next product is an equanimity pillow.

Pillow case "Equanimity"

The funniest part is that when my friend was sitting on the bed complaining about how difficult life was, I wanted to slap her with this pillow so that she would wake up and consciously start building her life. Unfortunately, I was able to do this only in my mind because the very concept of the pillow was still in development in my head. Anyway, you can already get it on my e-shop.

To conclude, I will add the fact that maybe it's time to invite yourself on a date and give yourself something beautiful? :)

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