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During my two years in Beijing, China, I crafted a mosaic of experiences.

Hello from Great Wall of China / 2013 / Photo by Marius Kasperas

Usually adorned in various shades of grey-clad in a cozy Uniqlo sweater, stylish cherry G-Star or tiger-print Adidas jeans, a matching jacket, cap, and scarf, accompanied by my favorite sneakers from Sanlitun, Beijing's city center.

Here's a snapshot of me, captured by Marius in front of the Maison Margiela boutique, sporting my favorite Y-3 sneakers, and carrying brand-new pairs of Paul Smith sneakers in those bags! What a magical December 2013. Can you imagine?
Those sneakers ventured across Asia, covering so many kilometers that they were completely worn out in the next few years. The ❤ for sneakers is real.

Immersed in inspiring tea ceremonies, exploring Hootong cafes, and navigating local markets, each moment painted a vivid chapter of China's rich cultural heritage.

Among these escapades, Beijing's Bookworm Cafe emerged as a literary haven. Engaging in discussions with international writers, I gained valuable insights during this prolific writing period, where each word penned echoed the vibrant experiences the city offered.

Venturing into the modern realm, I frequented exhibitions and explored Shanghai, delving into the dynamic world of limited-edition designs and market-specific collaborations like Fila and Nooka shoes my M acquired, a tangible fusion of good design.

Beijing's futuristic allure manifested through architectural wonders like those crafted by Zaha Hadid. Luxurious five-star hotels and avant-garde restaurants reflected the city's forward-thinking spirit.

Galaxy SOHO, Zaha Hadid / Beijing / 2013 / Photo by Agne Vei

In every corner, "Imagine Beijing" unfolded as a captivating chapter, seamlessly blending tradition, modernity, and futurism.

Throughout, I explored and learned 24/7.

Finally, Beijing had its charms, but it wasn't the city for me. Dealing with daily air pollution made things challenging, and it was clear it was time to move on. Despite the hurdles, I'm grateful for all the experiences. So, Immortal Optimists have relocated back to the perpetual summer of Malaysia and Singapore for another four years.

ChampAGNE to the shared adventures! Stay tuned for the - "Agnelogue 4: Enigma of Vilnius - Spreading Ideas and Designs Worldwide".

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