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When I wrote the Agnelogue series, it seemed to me that I Solvitur Ambulando (meaning "Walk It Out") loads of things.
Solvitur Ambulando: 'Solved by walking.' / A sustainable SA travel mug, with fashion-inspired design and engravings, is the perfect companion for your favorite beverages.

My sneakers ventured across Asia, covering so many kilometers that they were completely worn out in the next few years. The ❤ for sneakers is real. It's time to pen down a post on this sneaker-lover's adventure!

Vintage Sneaker Duo: 1. M's Czechoslovak BOTAS; 2. American Keds.

My first sneakers weren't even mine; they were my cousin's American Keds (similar to 2) that she kindly let me wear a few times. I can still vividly recall the quality of the stitching, the vibrant turquoise color, and the mini zippers with side pockets. I was truly impressed, and those sneakers left a lasting memory even at an early age.

Marius shared that his first sneakers were Czechoslovak BOTAS (1), a gift from relatives. Though they were too small, he wore them happily, given the limited choices during the Soviet times.

It's worth noting that M is 11 years older, a seemingly perfect age difference for marriage. This 11-year gap, particularly during our childhoods, marks a significant contrast as everything was distinct when he was 11, and I came into the world.

During my teenage years, my feet were adorned with shoes from the Adidas Originals (3) line, ranging from white with different colored stripes to limited edition black ones.

Sneaker Collage Saga: 3. Adidas Originals; 4. Adidas Y-3; 5. Bimba Y Lola silver retro; 6. Burberry Gold; 7. Paul Smith; 8. Miu Miu; 9. Bimba Y Lola neon-orange; 10. Red Versus Versace; 11. Tiger Kenzo; 12. Bimba Y Lola retro black; 13. The White Company's CLAE Edson Runner; 14. ME & EM.

I eventually switched from Adidas Originals to Adidas Stella McCartney. This change was influenced by my participation in the Adidas Academy competition, during which I lived with seven finalists for three days in Adidas City in Herzogenaurach, Germany. The priceless experiences from this competition inspired me to embark on a journey, first to Milan and then to Asia.

I recall that after a few months of studying in Milan, I secured a job working evenings at a Spanish restaurant. Upon receiving my first paycheck, I promptly invested in white Lacoste sneakers adorned with the iconic crocodile logo, making them the perfect choice for my job from day one.

Of course, sneakers started to multiply when I began traveling, working on a contract and had the freedom to buy whatever I wanted. The most memorable among them were the gold-decorated and checkered leather trainers Burberry Gold (6), Miu Miu dusty pink patent studded toe cap sneakers (8), Y-3 Kazuhiri in black/red (4), red Versus Versace (10), Kenzo Tiger (11), and the vibrant Paul Smith (7).

In this photo, you'll spot my golden Burberry sneakers and my friend, the then-head of the marketing department, Travis, rocking his Vivienne Westwood rubber ones. We were caught in a pre-fashion show chat, gossiping about our college life - pure fun and laughter!

Last winter I bought a pair of ME & EM sneakers (14), which you can see under the "Let's build" post too.

I can't resist the current Bimba Y Lola sneaker series; I've owned a complete collection, and now only three pairs remain in my closet - retro black sneakers (12), a jogging sneakers neon orange (9), and femme basket rétro argent ones (5).

I'm captivated by the solid style of The White Company sneakers - CLAE Edson Runner Trainers (13) and planning to own them...

I confess to having a sneaker obsession and envision a large shelf exclusively for my limited-edition collection. The catch? Not to wear out too quickly, you need quite a LOT of them. That's where my focus lies.

Consider these factors when pondering a brand-new pair of sneakers:


What’s the intended use? Are you buying them for running, casual wear, sports, or specific activities? Different sneakers are tailored for various purposes. In my Agnelogue travel in style series, I've worn out so many, each telling a unique brand's story!

Design and Style:

Ensure it's a well-designed pair, keeping in mind the ten principles of German industrial designer Dieter Rams. Opt for sustainability! Sneakers come in various designs, colors, and patterns, and my post about TRENDS could offer valuable insights. Pay attention to materials like leather, mesh, and synthetics, considering factors such as breathability and durability.


While owning white ones is a must, maintaining them can be challenging. Bright colors lift your mood and provide energy, while solid and dark shades complement your overall look.

Comfort and Fit:

Prioritize a comfortable fit with sufficient cushioning and support. Try them on, and walk around the store to ensure both comfort and a proper fit. Ensure your toes have enough room and offer proper arch support. Avoid shoes that feel too tight or too loose.


I love limited editions and various collaborations. Established brands often boast a history of producing quality sneakers, while newer brands might offer unique styles and innovations, especially in sustainability.


Well, that depends on the quantity of sneakers you own!


Similar to eyewear, try not to compromise on price. A pair of 300 Euro sneakers will cost you less than a euro a day for an entire year, bringing quality, comfort, and style to your daily look. Shoes serve as your connection to Mother Earth!


Caring for your sneakers with love is a form of meditation. The solid silence while you clean them is almost like a magical ritual. Om!..

A Drop of Philosophy:

Finally, playfully nudging your friend forward with a stylish sneaker is akin to delivering a motivational jolt, much like a good-natured slam with the Imagine or Equanimity pillow.

Take care. Treat yourself to new sneakers; they're more than just shoes; they're a step forward in your journey!

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