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Fashion trends are dynamic and can vary based on factors such as season (Currently contemplating my never-ending summer in Malaysia and the opposite four-season Lithuania), region (Asia? Europe? USA?), and cultural influences (Better mix and match!). However, fashion trends are diverse, and individuals, regardless of age, often express their style in various ways.

I swear by these:

1. Sustainable Fashion:

It should be the number 1 consideration for new wardrobe pieces, even though sometimes we buy things emotionally. The focus on environmentally friendly and ethical fashion continues to grow, so you should also join this growth journey. Choose sustainable materials, and ethical production processes, and support small brands, limited-edition designer lines, check my affiliates, and second-hand or vintage clothing.

Check Dieter Rams' "Ten Principles for Good Design" off your shopping list.

2. Athleisure:

If in the morning I dress in something within the Athleisure trend, I know that today I’ll move; my energy will flow, and overall, I’ll be a happier human being. Today, I wear athletic-inspired clothing like leggings, sneakers, and a ponytail. When I used to work in the office, I would still manage to incorporate something sporty yet elegant.

3. Minimalism:

Clean lines, neutral colors, and minimalist aesthetics are daily in vogue. But first, let’s start with the minimalist body and heed the truest advice from designer Karim Rashid that fits in one sentence for both men and women - "You always look good if you stay fit."

So, a minimalist body becomes aspirational.

4. Gender-Neutral Fashion:

Fashion brands offer gender-neutral, unisex, and oversized clothing options. But stay conscious of it as you might lose that minimalist body and gain weight. I do remember Carl Lagerfeld's diet book and his warning regarding loose clothing, but I still love this trend.

5. Black:

I used to wear loads of black, thinking if I’m still alive, haha…

But black is slimming, and it’s so classic, time-tested, and enduring. Even this weekend when we went out with friends for a night cocktail (I had a tasty Porn Star Martini!), I was head-to-toe dressed in black. Black eyeliner, black MQ cotton-silk blouse, Black All Saints leather mini skirt, black underwear, black tights, black Vagabond boots, and I felt simply crème de la crème. The night was perfect.

Exception: I never wear black if I feel down. Black absorbs all energies (good and bad), so make sure that if you are dressed in black, you feel good and go to high-vibe places.

6. Red:

My mom used to tell me that I’m an Aries, so my color is RED. Not sure about Aries as my birthday marks the last day of Aries and the next is Taurus. I am not 100% that stubborn animal, but I love this color. Typically, my nails are red. Sometimes I love my red Chanel lipstick. Recently, one of my clients asked to design a huge red designer bag, so I straight away fell in love with the idea and am already doing some experiments.

Keep this in mind: red gives you energy. If you feel down - dress or at least color your nails in red (female) and wear red socks (male).

7. Bold Prints and Patterns:

I love vibrant and bold prints, including florals, animal prints, and abstract patterns that were prominent in various clothing items.

Have you seen my “He Loves Me” bag?

I love letters and words… Back then, as a fashion design student, some academy lecturers kept asking me why I used so many writings on my designs. It was hard to explain; it felt like it was just bursting from my heart, but not knowing what to answer, I would smile and shrug my shoulders. Because I'm more – I would answer now.

More designs are on the way. Stay tuned or check my Concept Store.

8. Retired Trend:

"Retired" is when inspiration comes from seniors (check the Gramparents Instagram for inspiration). And indeed, how cool they dress – for example, something very old plus comfort, plus something NOT RIGHT or just DIFFERENT. I wrote about it here.

9. Statement Pieces:

Have you already found yours? Like mine is the Signature Tom Ford Richie Infinity-shaped sunglasses. They add a touch of style and sophistication to my outfits.

A rare perfume? Exceptional lipstick? A little statement accessory like “Gerėja” within a story to tell? Inherited ring? Bold earrings? Colorful sneakers? Question yourself.

10. Enduring Beauty:

Seek to create enduring beauty – we must create a more beautiful tomorrow. Like in Ruby's Amanfu song (“Beautiful, you are”) - "Cause well, you don't know how beautiful you are I want you to know how beautiful you are"...

In conclusion, embracing these Me-Swear-To fashion trends can not only elevate your style but also contribute to a more sustainable and conscious approach to fashion. Remember, fashion is a powerful form of self-expression, and by staying true to your style while incorporating these timeless trends, you're not just following fashion; you're defining it. Stay stylish, stay confident, and enjoy the journey of self-expression through fashion!

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