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Exercising in my life is a bit complicated but during the 3A0 years, I almost discovered what I prefer and what suits me best.

In life, I follow the philosophy of wabi-sabi, which is about the beauty of imperfect, volatile, and incomplete things, and on the wrist of my left hand is an Equanimity bracelet.


When I was little, I attended ballroom dance lessons, but I only liked dresses! Later I played table tennis, but after winning the first competition, I felt like not a regional, but a world champion, and I quit this sport.

I've swam in the pool for a few years and discovered that the water is my element... But… Chlorinated water and skin, which is already very dry don’t go well together. Though I can spend 5 hours, bypass 5 supermarkets, and burn 500 kcal, just looking for a swimsuit!

Another reason that complicates exercising is probably the fact that I often strain or dislocate something. Or during windy weather, I get a stiff neck and I can only look straight. Or when I come to classes, I burn with motivation the first week and I burn out like a match just as quickly. By the way, be sure to look at this Etsy store – MatchHouse, which has the most beautiful matches in the world! If I were a match, I'd be the one with a magenta color head!

Photo by MatchHouse


Am I lazy in terms of movement? I ask myself that question every time I give up. Well, the answer is no, a definite NO. Everything is OK, I take a break, I take my hand, and lead the way to finding a beloved form of exercise that will keep my body slim, flexible, and healthy. In some ways, I do feel lazy, but I noticed that the lazier I am, the more I do. INTERESTING.


These two personalities inspired me a lot! I recommend two books which pages you want to kiss:

Colleen Saidman Yee's "Yoga for Life: A Journey to Inner Peace and Freedom"

Rebecca Pacheco's "Do Your Om Thing"


I'm not a sports champion, but sports fashion – absolutely YES. I just love sports and performance-type clothing. When I lived in Asia, I used to attend yoga classes, and my closet was full of Lulu Lemon, Lorna Jane, Nike, and CK Performance.

A Promise To Myself

I promise myself that during the day I will find time for this, 30 minutes to an hour, and sometimes maybe more. If the sun is shining, I’m going to go for a fact, I'll take a Walk it Out Mug and make at least 10k steps. I will upload a screenshot of the step-counting app on my Instagram story with uplifting music. After all, I need support.


When I'm not exercising, it stiffens my thoughts as well. When I'm not moving, I'm more irritable and nervous.

I'd like to add Muji's mindset of 80/20 here. I will do my best for 80%, and 20% I reserve for myself to do whatever I want to.


For several years in a row, I've been rolling out a yoga mat twice a week (Bravo!). I put a mirror in front of me and put on a trio: leggings + sports bra + t-shirt and stretch. Slowly like Snail, inspired by Truth, whom I met in Asia.

I start by sitting down with my legs crossed, I stretch my stiffened (from computer use) neck, and then the rest of my body. Then I like to do some arm exercises, I adore this Boho Beautiful Yoga video "5 Minutes Arm Workout For Toning". I also discovered Mikala – a fitness coach, yoga teacher, and dancer from Toronto, Canada, who works with dumbbells (I own both one and two-kg dumbbells).

Final Thoughts

I can have sharp focus when writing or designing, but sports – I still must learn, or at least I shouldn’t feel bored.

I am still learning and LEARNING to accept life calmly and with an open, big heart, where there is room for everything. Like in one of the Daddy Was a Milkman songs – "Breathe in, breathe out / Walk with me, tell me a story, let it all out."

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