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Every time I read a short story, novel, or biography, I always like to pay attention to how the author describes the bodies, clothes, shoes, or accessories of the characters. I used to mark those places with a neon marker, but during ten years of traveling I gave away or sold many books, so the underlined thoughts remained somewhere in Italy, Malaysia, and China. All that remained was the fact that I had done so.

Of course, I didn't stop reading! Now I do it through apps and the number of real books on my shelves has decreased significantly.

While traveling, I cleaned myself and my world of all sorts of things so much that sometimes I wonder if it was really necessary. Yes, I answered to myself, because I needed to tap into my essence. The time has come and I can try to bring back something little by little. After all, with guests, the evening's conversation revolves around various stories, so having unique items from travels or your designs makes the meet-up much more fascinating.

Going back to the original point, not all stylists and clothing designers attractively talk about clothes or fashion, not all of them can be listened to attentively, and the advice of some is viewed with some distrust. But some authors haven't studied the human body, clothing, costume, or fashion and it‘s fascinating what they say about it.

In the autobiographical book of memories and reflections "The Life of Hunger," author Amélie Nothomb opens up the incredible world of adventure and suffering of a girl prodigy living in a family of diplomats. From this book, there is a memory about the body and the bloated belly, i.e. trying to drown the emptiness of life in water...

In "Running the Spiritual Path", author and priest Roger D. Joslin suggests that you consciously prepare to run: dress slowly, methodically, as if you were a priest, and your garment sacred, dedicated to prayer and humanity. The author suggests paying special attention when wearing socks and tying shoes because your feet will be the connection between you and the earth. Everything becomes a meditation.

I have already written about the designer Karim Rashid. I also mentioned his book, which is on my top TO KISS list of books – "Design Yourself" in which a designer rethinks how to live, love, work, and play.

Karim admits that he has even considered becoming a fashion designer. He is most driven by innovation in this field. He writes that when it comes to clothing, we have too many choices, we are lazy, and as a result, we are sameness because we read the same books, watch the same movies, listen to the same music... Since the choice of everything is endless, we must be rigorous about our selections. When you reach for a new garment, you need to feel an immediate connection to it. And when you try it on, it has to be the most comfortable thing you've ever worn. Clothing should be about function and performance. They must serve you, express you, and make you feel beautiful and comfortable.

And the truest advice from a designer fits in one sentence for both men and women - „You always look good if you stay fit“.

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