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When I asked M to go to the Barbie movie together, he, like a real Ken, seemed to question my offer for a moment but agreed.

And I really liked this movie. Well, at least the feeling after it was so neutrally positive. I don't know, was it the shades of pink or the perfect-looking Margot Robbie, who embodied Barbie, or the perfect Ryan Gosling who embodied Ken, or everyone's perfect looks and shiny perfect teeth, or the amazingly bright suits, or that impressive marketing budget of $150 million, but there was no shortage of images for the eyes. This film is worth going to because of the story of the world's most famous doll!

And I decided to become Barbie for one evening!

Every year on the last Saturday of July, residents-vacationers of Saint Lake gather to row around the lake. It happens to be a wonderful holiday with a lot of laughter, a good mood, games, delicious food and drinks, and all sorts of fun.

This year's theme – ŠVENTWOOD (The first part of the word comes from the name of the lake Šventas (Eng. Saint)) – was inspired by the Hollywood theme, which dictated the outfits/decorations inspired by the film characters! The red carpet was laid on the footbridge of our shore from which we started the rowing!

I got dressed. No, not the one, stereotypical Barbie I dreamed of as a child. But the one I'm dreaming of now is the Mattel Signature Line Agne Vei. Suddenly, I turn my head to my left and nod to the stylist Iris Apfel's limited edition Barbie standing in a box, on the shelf in front of me, which I quite accidentally found in a supermarket, during a toy sale. It's at least a treasure!

Well, my outfit became a bright pink cowboy-type hat, Tom Ford's Infinity sunglasses, a pink motives dress from a Sukne boutique, Bimba y Lola magenta sandals, a giant pink limited edition Ikea & Zandra Rhodes bag, and a Fuji water bottle with pink hibiscus flower .... And if I ever manage to realize this desire, then there will be more outfit options.

As a child, I dreamed of the stereotypical Mattel company Barbie, the one with blonde hair, blue eyes, and pink clothes. You could become whoever you want when playing with it. Unfortunately, when I was little, they didn’t sell Barbies like that in Lithuania. Only my friend, whose aunt lived in America, had such a Barbie. And I was allowed to play with her sometimes. And I cut my favorite Turkish dress to pieces for the sake of that Barbie, just so that I could give her the most beautiful clothes! At home, I used to play with the Lithuanian Barbora (not such a nice copy) and loved her very much. When Mattel's Barbies appeared in Lithuania, they were unaffordable, and when they became affordable, I was already a teenager who still secretly wanted a Barbie. But to whom would I confess?

After all, both, the aforementioned film and the annual row inspired me to continue to create/have fun/dream, and spread as much beauty as possible!

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