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In January, I felt like I was waking up from a long sleep, hence the name NEGAtive, but as creative energy flooded in, there was no negativity left.

As February approached, the gradually warming weather reminded me of my favorite season – SPRING – and my upcoming birthday. Soon, 3A0 will change clockwise to 3A1. A sense of empowerment flooded over me, reminding me of my ability to create.

Black and White Waterproof bag “AGNElogue” – Multi-purpose Bag for Personalized Style with a Sustainable Edge / Photo by Marius Kasperas

Mom's 75th birthday (She's only 25 until she's 100!), the Lunar New Year, and Love Day vibes coincided with the launch of my capsule AGNElogue'24 fashion collection, featuring shirts, a shawl, leggings and kimono coats (soon in my e-shop), a multi-purpose bag, and a mug.

It's been a busy month – I've been designing, searching for fabrics and accessories, sewing, and fully immersing myself in my work. However, amidst the busyness, my mind sometimes wanders, especially with the nearby war adding to the turbulence of the times.

This month's discovery: no ENiGmA, just ACTION. Instantly emerging actionable solutions and new ideas. Wow. Here's one of them:

Introducing the "One of a Kind" Series!

Keep an eye out for the 'One of a Kind' label in my e-shop! Embrace your uniqueness and stay wonderfully weird.

From my travels and research, I often stumble upon fascinating and unique fabrics, available only in limited quantities. Inspired by these rare finds, I handcraft exclusive, one-of-a-kind products. Each piece in this series reflects my current fashion sense in a conscious and sustainable way, offering a truly unique and responsibly crafted addition to your wardrobe.

Stay tuned and explore soon-to-come creations in my e-shop!

Welcome, chirpy SPRING! Let's dive headfirst into March!

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