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One of my go-to winter or we will find our way out movies is "Bridget Jones's Diary" (2021), and the scene that always transports me to vacation mode is when she dashes out of the stairwell, a shawl wrapped around her head, donning black sunglasses.
Collage: Scene from "Bridget Jones's Diary" (2021) / Mini-Weekend

She hops into her boss Daniel Cleaver's 1969 Mercedes-Benz 280 SE cabriolet, and they embark on a spontaneous mini-weekend. As they drive, the shawl playfully flies into the meadows, setting the stage for a scene in the hotel where Bridget, with gloriously messy hair, embodies the woman who constantly finds herself in strange, silly, and awkward situations.

When I thought about creating my shawl, I pictured this scene that reminded me of an office romance and the excitement of the early days of dating. Imagining a photo shoot inspired by this uniquely imperfect woman and her fantasy world, always an escape, I decided to change the charming car to a Tesla (a current trend among my friends) and put her behind the wheel.

What should my shawl be like?

Inspiration / Collage: Me-silhouettes / Photos by Marius Kasperas

As I penned articles for Agnelogue (feel free to start reading from here), I stumbled upon pictures of myself in Malaysian photo folders. In those shots, M captured me against a vibrant magenta wall during an art exhibition. Dressed in black, I playfully posed, resulting in some intriguing and witty images. Inspired by these silhouettes, I've decided to craft a sassy fabric.

Agne Vei's Signature Print ©

Observing those silhouettes, I decided to incorporate words that not only bear my name AGNE but also echo the everyday experiences shared by each of us: IMAGINE (a skill we all possess), ANGEL (we all have a Guardian Angel), CHANGE (something we can all embrace and undergo), STRANGE (unusual things happen to us all), ANGER (a natural and healthy emotion), MAGNETIC (our ability to attract what we desire), NEGATIVE (which we balance with positivity), ELEGANCE (a touch of this spice suits everyone), AGENT (for me, it's 007, and for you?), ENIGMA (who doesn't enjoy a bit of mystery?).

Evolving through tests and discussions with M, the print for this fabric came to life. Soon after, its realization took form in a 70 x 70 cm scarf made of artificial silk-satin fabric - a light, soft, and indispensable accessory.

This creation captures the spirit of life, serving as a driving force for me.

To purchase the shawl, you can place an order here.

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