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The saying "WE WILL FIND OUR WAY OUT" holds a special place in my heart, transporting me back to the winter of my first year dating M. In those frosty days, we found ourselves caught in a snowdrift, seemingly unable to break free without the help of others. The situation felt dire as we faced an ice-drenched mountain and an almost half-empty gasoline tank. Yet, after a determined half hour of battling the elements, M looked at me and said, "Well, one last time!" Our intention was clear, and miraculously, we found our way out.

This memoir has grown to embody a powerful philosophy that extends beyond that snowy day. Together, M and I have navigated life's greatest challenges, finding strength in unity and resilience as individuals.

The journey is not without its struggles.

The path forward requires focus, belief, action, and a willingness to play despite the difficulties. Reflecting on that wintry adventure, I realize the value of facing challenges head-on, armed with determination and the belief that, even in the darkest moments, we will find our way out.

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