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The alarm goes off, and as I open my eyes, the world is painted in black. Bright mornings seem like a distant memory, left somewhere in the summer haze.

The day unfolds with the ritual of sipping on a cup of black coffee, and enjoying those precious 10 minutes of silence. Already in childhood, I realized that the inner life is much more interesting than the one we live on the outside. And someone said that people who love the color black possess the most colorful minds.

In my post about '10 Me-Swear-To Fashion Trends,' I've highlighted the enduring style of black as a key element in creating a personal wardrobe. As I review my blog and consider what else to share, my mind is urging me to further embrace and amplify the timeless appeal of the black trend.

I apply black mascara from L'Oréal Paris Bambi Eye, eyeing my limited-edition Swedish House Mafia X Ikea slippers with playful devils - adding a touch of fun to my day.

A subtle passion surrounds me as I spritz YSL Black Opium from its sparkly-black bottle onto my wrist. The mmm scent is a reminder of the mysterious allure that black carries.

Embracing black extends beyond aesthetics. A black Equanimity bracelet graces my wrist, urging me to cherish life's moments and find courage in the face of setbacks.

The morning attire is a symphony of blacks – a military-style Cos sweater, a pencil-shaped MQ skirt, and Vagabond boots. There's also a long-knit MQ dress awaiting its turn, a serendipitous find in a Sukne boutique, where Asian style meets wardrobe cool.

Boldly declared as the color of 3A0 year, black continues to permeate my day, infusing depth, shades, and mysticism. As the day draws to a close, I find myself immersed in dreams, realizing the addictive allure of black.

And so, I ponder - what could be three additional black fashion pieces in my 2024 wardrobe to heighten my black senses?

I'd say YES to Black Leather Jacket.

I'd say YES to Black Skinny Jeans.

I'd say YES to Black Sunglasses.

In 2024, each black fashion piece I choose is more than just an addition, it's a way to express my colorful mind. Black goes beyond being a color; it's a timeless style statement.

What about you?

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