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When I contemplate the color white, it evokes a playful childhood memory – a rhyme urging me to think of a particular person with every sip of milk and all of my friends with every spoonful of ice cream.

Snow white, creamy white, milky white, mother of pearl, nearly white, eggshell white, linen white, chalk white... I'm eager to experiment with each hue – layering, pouring, and overlapping them, traversing the pages of a book with black letters and silhouettes as my guide.

I'm drawn to the simplicity and quality of Japanese brand Uniqlo. Whenever I'm looking to add essential pieces to my wardrobe, I turn to their e-shop.

Recently, while scrolling through Instagram, I came across their posts about their current theme: 'Lightness.' One particular topic, 'Purely White,' caught my eye. According to Uniqlo, clean whites epitomize lightness this season. As we transition into spring and summer 2024, the trend leans towards minimal all-white looks, including white-on-white ensembles and effortlessly chic white summer dresses. It's not just about purity; it's about how white effortlessly accentuates the soft lines of a relaxed silhouette.

While I write, I recall architect Jean Nouvel, who adorns himself in WHITE during spring and summer, and in BLACK during autumn and winter. This personal style instantly captivates the memory, lending the individual not only uniqueness but also an air of enigma.

In my book 'Touching Mars,' I penned about the realization of my dream of having white hair...

It seems like the idea of WHITENESS is in the air lately, and somehow, it resonates with me too.

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