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For the first time ever, I fell in love with gelato while living in Milan, a story I've shared in my book "Touching Mars." You know how they say men fall in love with their eyes and women with their ears? Well, I, like a true admirer, was smitten by that gelato's perfect colors at first glance. No need to mention the taste just yet.

This got me thinking – what if this visual beauty inspired a personal wardrobe? Soft shades like the 2024 Pantone "Peach Fuzz," close to the Japanese peach I mentioned earlier, or rich, delicious tones resembling tiramisu or dark chocolate... you get the picture.

I suddenly recalled the most delightful ice cream I ever encountered while living and exploring Asia.

I previously mentioned the Astronaut ice cream in my article focusing on Malaysia and Singapore. I stumbled upon this unique treat at the gift shop of the Singapore ArtScience Museum. They had a couple of flavors - vanilla, and cookie - specifically crafted for space life but enjoyed right here on Earth. It was an unusual experience; the ice cream wasn't chilled like usual, yet it retained the authentic taste. This discovery also led me to Chris Hadfield's fantastic book, "An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth". The profound takeaway from the world of the most knowledgeable individuals on our planet (who, by the way, study round the clock because you never know what can happen in space) is that the essence lies in LEARNING, regardless of how, where, when, or what may transpire.

As I write, a thought occurs to me: why do many of us feel unhappy? Sure, the snow has melted, it's cold, and the sun seems absent. But there's always a chance to LEARN, to discover something new. For instance, engaging in short Domestika courses crafted by industry experts can bring purpose to life, spark creativity, and who knows, maybe even lead to creating your very own training course!

The second extraordinary ice cream memory was witnessing Japanese sumo wrestlers passionately pounding and making mochi with live chants. The powerful sounds of their beats and the air filled with passion struck a chord in my heart, and I fell in love with the experience, embracing it like a true woman with my EARS. I'm uncertain if such a phenomenon will cross my path again, but the most beautiful moments in life often unfold unexpectedly, especially when they manifest at the perfect time and place.

I opened the closet door with a swing. A sea of black clothes greeted me. That got me thinking – is there such a thing as black ice cream? Thank goodness for the mighty Google search. Turns out, YES! And, the secret behind its color is charcoal. Yet, just like some of my worn-out clothes, this black ice cream turned out to be inedible - in my case, meaning tired, worn out, or fed up. A sigh escaped me.

But then, at that very moment, a burst of fresh ideas ignited! Something I could embrace not only with my eyes or ears but with my entire being! What could it be? I'm activating my sense of smell, I'm observing and exploring my fashion galaxies, and one thing is certain – I'm going to write about it soon, just after the upcoming New Year 2024!

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