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The reaction to the post "Journey of Self-Realization: My 2023 Recap" was remarkable and has motivated me to start a series of articles. These pieces will merge personal reflections, life insights, and imAGiNativE ideas. If everything goes as planned, there will be exactly twelve articles, each one summarizing a month of experiences.


January - my New Year's trip starts on a negative note.

✨The longest and saddest month of the year started rough. I got sick. I suffered from inflammation of the trigeminal nerve - the electric shock pain lasted for about three weeks! And here comes the clear truth that 80% of all social media is pure lies. Can you find at least one photo of me in pain? NOT. Sometimes I think, why do we hide the pain?

✨This month feels negative too because the most beautiful holidays of the year are over, the sun isn't showing up for work here (Lithuania) (We all lack vitamin D!), and the stomach grumbles because you need to eat less after the holidays. The big sales screaming with red SALE notes remind you that the winds are whistling in the pockets...

But... I wouldn't be myself if I didn't address that negativity. After all, whatever the focus is on, it tends to amplify.


How to infuse January with positivity in my New Year's journey?

✨ Every morning, the immortal optimist rises, smiles at her reflection in the mirror, and pledges that if today falls short, tomorrow holds promise.

✨ Almost daily, yoga sessions ensure all the setbacks are left on the yoga mat.

✨ The Equanimity bracelet, sent to America, serves as a positive reminder that WE WILL FIND OUR WAY OUT.

✨ New designs are being prepared. Some of the fabrics ordered and the decisions made are NEGATIVE, but the POSITIVE point is that these are the rules of the creative game and one must not forget to learn from the mistakes made. I can still look at it as a wake-up call, but I'm a perfectionist and my creative path consists of a lot of experiments, so what I thought I'd bring to my shop is not uploaded because it didn't suit me.

Reflecting on January's experiences and lessons learned, one can't change the past, but February's arrival brings a sense of positivity and fresh opportunities.

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