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The year is coming to an end, so I want to sum it up somehow. I can boldly say that this year (2023) has been good for me in terms of self-realization.

What good things have happened?

Here are a few worth sharing:

✨ I boldly chose to create my path, embracing change, constant experimentation, and exploration.

✨ At the start of the year, I slept a lot - honestly, around 12 hours each day. I didn't probe into it; I simply understood that my subconscious needed time to process something.

✨ I celebrated my HAPPY 3A0 birthday with my loved ones at Saint Lake, where the iconic 'WE' shot was taken.

✨ M and I moved out of our cherished loft into a new home! It seems that the old "I's" were left in the past.

✨ Moved my blog to the GHOST platform. I can say that it's truly a good platform for writing, creating, and overall spreading ideas from Vilnius to the world.

✨ Wrote, rewrote, and updated over 50 articles since March!

✨ Started working with affiliate marketing. I'll write about this area later as I'm currently experimenting, and everything is in progress. But I'm very excited to be in a space where I can promote brands that I have personally discovered, and in which I believe. You can find them here.

✨ After two years of silence, I dusted off the digital cobwebs and revived my Concept Store. Oh, how delightful is the sound of 'Cha-ching!' - especially when it's your designed item finding a home across the seas. I'm thrilled to sport Etsy's 'Rave reviews' badge, so if you're searching for a unique gift, drop by! With self-belief and action, creations should multiply logically. So, stay tuned.

✨ Crafted my first original fabric - 'He Loves Me.' And another one, hiding within the Agnelogue article series.

✨ Created a Buy Me A Coffee page. Throughout the year, received 3 virtual coffee cups! A fair share of transactions was even flagged as scams, but as ChatGPT suggested, let's celebrate small victories, shall we?

✨I didn't have A HOLIDAY, but I had turbo weekends. I got to be a Barbie! Sat on a giant chair in Nida resort town, and participated in fantastic friend birthdays... Met wonderful and "different" people, broadening my network of connections.

✨ Painted a magenta neon canvas and learned a lesson – if you carry a thought for years without acting on it, it's better to let it GO. I'm no painter, but fulfilling this desire freed up some mental space!

✨ My favorite thought of the year that prompted me to look forward, focus on my creativity, and start doing yoga daily was Adriene Yoga's idea – leave everything that doesn't serve you today on the yoga mat! The yoga video that addresses back pain is here, and Her world is truly healing.

✨ What will be my mantra in the Year of the Dragon? Well, it's this - every day brings good news, and it's best if not just one at a time!

Certainly, I can confidently say - ACT AND EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT.

There's not much left until the end of the year...

Wishing you beautiful and cozy holidays, and a 2024 full of action!

We'll catch up!

If my stories resonate with You, let's connect through my Concept Store, Affiliates, or Virtual Brew. It all keeps the storyline going.