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This morning was different. Or maybe exactly like it was supposed to be.

The word "different" makes me easily nervous, especially when it comes to "we're different". Then you want to object, maybe you’re the ones that are missing, the ones that we need more of?

The morning began with a cup of coffee with almond milk and a hearty breakfast. Then there's the easy cleaning up. And then, instead of a routine walk to the computer when I usually go through my online fields, I went back into the bedroom and pulled a yoga mat out of the closet. Hi there, we haven't seen each other for a couple of months. It’s been a while since I exercised. As soon as I sat on it and began to lightly stretch my neck, and move my head and arms, I felt extremely stiff. And the thoughts were – ugh, it hurts, crack, ugh, calm down, breathe, ugh it hurts... And so, I did various exercises and by the time I warmed up, I felt a bit more flexible, my cheeks heated up and I began to feel a whole different level of energy. There's been a lot of sadness inside me in recent days and I couldn't understand why or what's wrong, even though things seem to be just getting better.

Then I remembered the words from Louis Hay's book "You Can Heal Your Life" about the fact that as we become older, we lose ourselves, and we shrug because the energy in our bodies is getting stuck. And it's all from immobility. If your body is frozen, your thoughts also freeze. And that's the fastest answer to finding answers to life's questions – MOVEMENT.

Well, if we add some new garments to it...

And if we still consciously subjugate our breathing and let a drop of equanimity philosophy into ourselves.

I felt like the SNAIL again.

What I realized was that tomorrow morning had to be EXACTLY LIKE THAT and not different. Tomorrow I'll stretch out the yoga mat again and give myself a date on it. I'll be in the here and now. I won't be distracted. I'll move until I warm up and start myself to ACT. I'll try to stop looking at how others do it and why they're so successful. I'll burn the doubts. At the end of the workout, I will put my head on the IMAGINE pillow and meditate for at least ten minutes.

You see IMAGINE and I see I'M AGNE ;)

It is precisely such mornings like that that are lacking, needed and needs to be propagated. I don't know what helps you, but the genius often lies in elementary things.

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