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The New Year's breeze has inspired me to look ahead. Instead of dwelling on complaints or health issues, let's talk about home fashion when feeling unwell.

In the post titled "How Are My Writings Born?", I talked about how stylish clothing is crucial when I write. Today, I'll skip that part because when you're sick, things get a bit messy. But if you think about it, it's simpler to be sick in cute, comfy, and stylish clothes.

I've got my hair in a ponytail, secured with two rubber bands - neon lettuce and magenta. No makeup, but my face is moisturized with Uriage Roseliane cream. I'm dressed in comfy black sweatpants with side zips from The White Company, paired with a white "True & Unique - notice all the good things" t-shirt from Sinsay and a cozy gray wool oversized sweater from MQ. To keep warm, I've wrapped the world's largest woolen Marco Polo scarf around my neck and shoulders. My feet are in white socks with orange hearts and colorful Miniso slippers featuring exotic drawings and the words 'Passion Lifestyle.'

In a nutshell, the whole look can be described as cute and comfy. I can sense the Gramparents trend within my look too.

I'm smiling. South Korea's newest fashion trend, the "ko do ri" - a nose scarf resembling a face mask but smaller, covering just the nose - seems like the perfect fit for me at the moment. I discovered it through Jeff Kim's Instagram.

Today, I'm also dreaming of cozy woolen socks, maybe those traditional Lithuanian folk ones you might find on Vilnius Pilies Street from local merchants. Anything to keep warm, especially since the last few days in Vilnius have been bitterly cold, reaching -26°C with temperatures feeling like -30°C.

I am feeling 100% TRUE & UNIQUE now, and I truly believe tomorrow will usher in a better day. I rest my head on the IMAGINE pillow, picturing myself healthy and capable of moving mountains.

Sick in style! Already GETTING BETTER!

We'll catch up.

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