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When M approached my desk and noticed my focused demeanor, he asked what I was up to. I explained that I was putting together my spring wardrobe using a moodboard. Intrigued, he suggested I record a video explaining my process of arriving at creative fashion choices, highlighting how I infuse each piece with personal stories and meticulous thought.

Whoops! I'm not filming yet, but I'm writing a blog and organizing my thoughts, so I'll share the first images of spring simply. Here. On my very own blog.

My spring shopping budget is limited. I've made a conscious effort to minimize consumption to support sustainability. I've previously discussed the principles of good design, following Dieter Rams' ten rules as my guide - look them up if you're interested.

I believe in investing in one high-quality item each month, resulting in a wardrobe abundance over time. My approach involves creating, sewing, and embracing spontaneity while keeping a mindful eye on what I truly desire in the moment.

1st Look: He Loves Me (Aw. Blushing cheeks.)

1st Look: 1. 'Vintage Looney Tunes Stellar Dress' (BlackMilk); 2. Stud Earrings "He Loves Me"; 3. Bridget's style sunglasses; 4. Photography "He loves Me"; 5. Boots & 6. Sneakers (Bimba Y Lola)

Craving something light, romantic, and dreamy, echoing the theme of 'He Loves Me' that I've been perfecting.

So, my spring wardrobe will be enriched by the BlackMilk 'Vintage Looney Tunes Stellar Dress' from an Australian brand, which will pair beautifully with my existing Bimba Y Lola leather boots or sneakers. This purchase is already speeding its way from Australia! I'll complement it with conceptual daisy earrings available on my e-shop.

In one of my posts about spring desires ("Three Essential Black Fashion Pieces for a Stylish 2024 Wardrobe"), I mentioned my search for black sunglasses, perhaps reminiscent of Bridget's style, which I would pair with a dress. Yet, I believe my Tom Ford Infinity sunglasses will also perfectly complement this look.

However, speaking of this brand, one piece of news profoundly shook me. At the beginning of March, I learned through social media that JL (James Lillis), the founder of the fashion brand Black Milk (Australia), passed away during his vacation. I've known this brand since my time in Malaysia, always admiring and following it with fascination. And the sudden death of its creator felt profoundly unfair; after all, he was nearly my age... Their website now features a section titled "Celebrating jL," where they share his remarkable, yet remarkably ordinary, creative journey, which began with selling a CD player and then purchasing a sewing machine and nylon fabric. Through the support of a loyal following, experiments turned into a strong brand, and Vale jL, the Nylon Emperor, became famous worldwide. JL will always inspire me to create, to illuminate, to experiment, and I will cherish this dress as the most beautiful embodiment of design as an art form!

2nd Look: We (Inspired by Love).

2nd Look: 7. 'Crepe Jersey Sleeveless Dress'(Uniqlo:C); 8. Waterproof bag Indigo A; 9. Photography "We"; 10. 'Crepe Jersey Short Sleeved T-Shirt'; 11. Sneakers (ME & EM); 12. Designer pin "Gereja".

Once again, it's somewhat about M, about Him, because he likes it when I wear dresses. Overall, I've noticed that living in dresses is better - you're noticed more everywhere, people hesitate to say no, more smiles all around, or maybe I just smile more myself, and so on. ;)

For the awakening of spring, I opt for an indigo blue. So, a bit of classic, minimalism, and basics from the Japanese brand Uniqlo. The Uniqlo:C 'Crepe Jersey Sleeveless Dress' is already on its way to me! It'll pair perfectly with my white ME & EM sneakers, the 'Getting Better' pin, and the 'Indigo A' bag with a fur pom-pom dangling on the side! The indigo-colored cropped t-shirt would pair perfectly with this dress.

What's a wardrobe without Japanese Uniqlo? Impossible.

3rd Look: Focus (Sharp as a Captured Frame!).

3rd Look: 13. 'Extra Fine Cotton Striped Long Sleeved Shirt', 15. 'Crepe Jersey Short Sleeved T-Shirt' & 17. 'Crew Neck Sweatshirt' (Uniqlo); 14. Designer Shawl; 16. Bracelet "Equanimity"; 18. Black and White Waterproof bag “AGNElogue”; 19. Photography "Focus"; Sneakers (ME & EM).

This one leans more towards the work side, with structure or a hint of formlessness.

The 'Crew Neck Sweatshirt' - is a perfect top that pairs well with both trousers and skirts. A cropped 'Extra Fine Cotton Striped Long Sleeved Shirt' plus 'Crepe Jersey Short Sleeved T-Shirt' - a touch of modern classic. The Equanimity bracelet with a rose cubic zirconia stone shining in gold - a reminder to always stay present. My black and white design bag or shawl - additional elements to the look. This ensemble goes perfectly with black trousers, jeans, or a pencil skirt.

4th Look: Equanimous (Powerful as my Cherished Philosophy!).

4th Look: 20. 'Mega-Sassy-Nation Bodysuit' (BlackMilk) ; 21. Bracelet "Equanimity"; 23. Pillow Case “Imagine”; 22. Leather skirt (All Saints); 5.Boots (Bimba Y Lola) ; 11. Sneakers (ME & EM).

The BlackMilk nylon bodysuit 'Mega-Sassy-Nation Bodysuit' is also on its way to me. It will perfectly complement my 'black ensemble,' and I'll pair it with the SAINT or All Saints leather jacket, black trousers, and maybe some other black piece I'll acquire later. This look will be for an evening out with Him or with my girlfriends at an FC Baseball concert. The black Equanimity bracelet with a blue stone - a reminder to Him or Her - to always stay present.

The parcel is flying M's way too! ;) It's more of a few additions to the wardrobe (5th Look) inspired by Japanese Uniqlo:

5th Look: 24. DRY Stretch Zipped Hoodie; 25. DRY Stretch Joggers; 26. AIRism Cotton Piqué Polo Shirt; 27.Extra Fine Cotton Broadcloth Regular Fit Checked Shirt (Button-Down Collar); 28. AIRism Printed Boxer Shorts; (Uniqlo) 21; Bracelet "Equanimity".

These are just a few items and a handful of mix-and-match improvisations! A smile straightens the furrowed brow. That's how I think and arrange. This month, my main inspirations come from the Australian BlackMilk and Japanese Uniqlo. Later, I'll be able to share whether everything fit and pleased, so stay tuned.


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