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This post doesn't delve into religion but rather shares an intriguing observation from my life. I have a fondness for the term 'SAINT' and the weird things that happens related to it.:
I've noticed AGNE in various words while traveling, like ImAGiNE, mAGNEtic, ENiGmA, NeGAtivE, ChANGE, chAllENGing, etc.

✨ My name AGNE is special. Today, I'd like to highlight ANGEL, or Guardian Angel, who I feel has been with me all my life. By the way, the name is Saint (sacred) as well.

✨ The story behind the 'GEREJA' / 'GETTING BETTER' design pin is mysterious. It's about how everything improved in just one day. I shared the full story here, and you can own the pin here.

✨ The love story of my grandparents and my mother's childhood unfolded in the vicinity of Saint Lake. The photograph "WE," captured on the lake's waves, holds a mysteriously sacred significance, symbolizing our love with M. This marriage is profoundly sacred to me.

✨ The word "Equanimity" is special to me, picked up during my time in Asia. I came across an idea in Colleen Saidman Yee's book, "Yoga for Life: A Journey to Inner Peace and Freedom." It's like adding salt to water: a glass turns salty fast, but a lake remains peaceful no matter how much salt you add. That's what "equanimity" is all about — staying calm in facing challenges.

You can find bracelets with this meaningful word here.

✨ I wrote about a jeweler who made a window on wedding rings so that you could "get out and recover" through it in difficult moments in my book "Touching Mars". But the most mystical WINDOW in my life was the loft where we lived:

When we rented a studio, we had no idea what lay behind the wall. / Photo by Marius Kasperas

✨ My current favorite fashion brand? It's ALL SAINTS. I love their black fringed handbag, zip-up skirt, and backless jumper – my go-to wardrobe essentials.

✨ Newly discovered fashion brand? ARMED ANGELS.

✨ Yves Saint Laurent? Its lipstick is always a must in my handbag, and the next one I plan to own is 19 LE FUCHSIA.

✨ In my article 'Not from the Lips of Fashion Creators,' I discussed the insights of author and priest Roger D. Joslin. His impactful book, 'Running the Spiritual Path,' proposes a mindful approach to preparing for a run. He recommends dressing deliberately, almost like a priest, treating your clothing as sacred, devoted to prayer and humanity. The author emphasizes the significance of paying attention while putting on socks and tying shoes, turning these actions into a meditative experience. Roger believes in living spiritually even in sneakers, sometimes, I feel the same about mine.

✨ To me, WRITING, DESIGN, and 'My Very Own Personal Brand' hold a sacred place.

✨ One of my cherished expressions in the realm of design is, 'God lives in the details.' I frequently use this phrase when guiding students or discussing creative projects.

Unusual post? Perhaps not strange but more on the mystical side, I suppose. Let it be. I believe there's more sanctity in my life, though not everything is visible, known, or written down. I always sense there's something MORE around me or within me.

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