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It's that time again when twenty pigeons grace the yard, their fleeting visits a nostalgic reminder of childhood curiosity. I'd often ask my mom, 'When is my birthday?' and she'd playfully respond, 'When twenty pigeons arrive in the yard (April 20)!

In Lithuanian, the word 'Balandis' means 'pigeon,' giving my birthday a special significance. However, each year, I'd miss their brief appearances as they hurriedly came and went about their business. In my imaginative childhood world, where a fox's husband was a wolf and a cow's was a horse, the pigeons symbolized someone's bustling husbands, always on the move!

As for '3A1,' not '41,' it reflects my affinity for the number 4, which is replaced by '3A' and considered auspicious in Asian culture. This theme will permeate my decade – from the 3A seat to the 3A hotel room.

Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake once said, 'Clothes in Japanese mean FUKU, and FUKU means HAPPINESS.' These words resonate deeply with the spirit of my 3A1 birthday celebration.

Overall, I'm content and in sync with life. FUKU has become my guiding element in every aspect!

Champagne! (Though there are still moments when they ask for ID – can you believe it? I'm already forty-one!!!)"

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