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When I was listening to a self-discovery podcast, they were discussing what the next topic could be. A thought immediately struck me – transitional stages (when you change, look for yourself, open a new chapter of life, lose someone, break up or get married to someone, try to get up after a big disaster, etc.), and then to myself, in my fashion language, I further clarified this – the stages of "changing", or rather, let it be the CHANGING SEASON (here I would add an interactive wink emoji with a seductive smile, nodding yes-yes).

If you had to depict the season of "changing" with a drawing, imagine a clothesline hanging next to the house overlooking the blue sky. And yourself, hanging clothespins so that clothes are not blown away by the wind. It smells lovely, birds chirping or your favorite music on Spotify in your ears, dreamy laundry sways (ah, that cute everyday life). But suddenly the sky gets darker, the weather on your iPhone announces – the storm is coming and soon through the window, you can see clothespins falling off and spinning in the wind just like hanging clothes – weaving, touching the ground, getting dirty... For some, this is the biggest tragedy of life, for others one of the greatest inspirations of life.

Ah, that construction-scented morning... M... Welcome! I even seriously began to consider the need to purchase a white construction helmet, as a symbol to act on this beautiful new morning. And if I were to create a fashion collection now, then all the models would be wearing white construction helmets.

Lezione di vita: I read such an idea somewhere, that if you are sad, then you’re holding on to your past, if you are scared, then you are somewhere in the future, and if you are calm, then you are here, and now.

Today's sad/scary/calm is like some "3in1" shampoo asking me a straightforward question:


And you already know, at least four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter) and one more – CHANGING SEASON, which will most likely take about three months for you to find yourself again (maybe you will bloom or squeal like a spring stream, maybe you will blossom and smell like the most delicious fruits of summer, maybe you will shed your leaves and storm, or maybe you will shine like winters’ snow). And you already know that everything will be FINE. For the past decade, the "changing" season has been more than one, but my heart beats with the fact that I want SOMETHING NEW.

And here on these words, I get a text message – "DHL Express parcel ..., the sender of which is..., delivery is scheduled by the end of the working day."

Another CHANGING SEASON of life (once again I would add an interactive squinted eyes with a raised right corner of the lip emoji, rubbing its hands against each other).

Who will She be now? What will she wear? What will she smell like? How will She surprise herself and you?

P.S. And when too many questions arise in my life, I always run into the world of books.

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