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I came to the café, picked up an almond cappuccino, pulled my ZenBook out of my backpack, and remembered a rather interesting conversation last week when two beautiful and very young girls sat down on the curb and loudly shared their experiences of their first job.

While everyone around was sitting with headphones on and working "intensely", it seemed like they couldn't hear anything, but THEY COULD.

The thing I liked the most was the thought expressed by one of them, which sounded like this – "Noone works 8 hours a day! Nonsense! What do they want? (a frustrated representative of Generation Z resented the office life) "You do something in the morning and something in the afternoon..." – the last sentence brightened my day!

I'm wondering, why am I nervous 24/7? I'll try to stay in their rhythm for a while – I'll do something in the morning, and something in the afternoon, after all, it’s the CHANGING SEASON. Productive idleness is also part of the working day, especially if the work is creative.

So what's the Lezione Di Vita worth learning here?

If you need to discuss work affairs or reveal the secrets of your life to someone, IT IS BETTER NOT TO DO THAT IN CAFES, especially those which are dead silent and everyone works with headphones and laptops.

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