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Someone has told me, that the first snow is like first love. Sounds silly, but maybe.

Does snow make us happier? A bold YES written in BLACK. It stops us for a moment. It makes us look and appreciate. It excites us and makes us realize that the most beautiful holiday of the year is just around the corner. It is so uncomfortable to talk about WINTER. After saying the word out loud I can feel shivers going down my back, especially after living in summerly-colored Malaysia for six years.

But to be honest, I need SNOW. I love layers of clothes, sweaters, hats, and huge warm scarves. I miss the sound of footsteps pressed in the snow. I miss mulled wine and his naughty eyes saying a toast ''To you, to me, and to whatever is about to happen tonight...". I wish it all to be warm and cozy.

Black lingerie on a WHITE t-shirt...

How does it sound to you: to spruce up with snow? With snowflakes? To melt a kiss in someone's palm? To dress up in white and leave white footsteps behind you on white fresh snow? To drink a hot latte with white foam on top, enjoying white chocolate on the side? To admire stylish people walking down the old town streets - their handbags, cars, innocent laugh, good mood, glowing, loving eyes? To leave black letters on a sheet of white paper, creating and dreaming about a bright (white) future? To enjoy a ride to the sea in a white electric car? To order a glass of white wine, while wearing white heels? To love in white, hate in white, dream in white.

The moment the first snowfall, here I will try to taste the falling snowflakes. And when the puddles will get frozen, here I will try to skate on them. And then there is the idea that if you are still enjoying the snow and you want to skate on frozen puddles – you are young and who cares how old you are?

I believe, that we can achieve anything – everyone in their WHITE way and at their own pace and time. And even though we all are a bit scared hearing so much information about chaos in the world… Let‘s try. Let's try one thing – to change black negativity to white positivity. Let‘s try to see the best in the worst. Create, support, DRESS WELL, and share.

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