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Today when I got up and looked in the mirror, two sad eyes were looking back at me.. And why is this 3A0 lady so SAD this morning?

Then I remembered words said by a friend: a 30+ woman's gaze becomes deep and sad. Did you notice? She asked. I hadn't before, but I started paying attention to it sometimes. And it’s probably true.

As I brushed my teeth staring at my reflection, I thought that even though I don't like the way I look today, that doesn't mean everything in life has to be liked.

I nodded tapping the mirror with my index finger, telling "her" that she can be sad to her heart's content! And still tapping with the same finger, I smiled at my reflection: and you, beautiful, go to do the WORK! My mood suddenly skyrocketed, and the day suddenly took me in all its maelstrom.

In the evening I carefully looked into those eyes again. And you know what?

The morning sadness had already been burned away in the activity, and my eyes were beaming with joy. After all, so many beautiful things happened today! M made the world's most delicious breakfast with abundant Asian flavors. My e-shop rang and the Equanimity bracelet was shipped to someone with all its most wonderful philosophy. A virtual cup of coffee also arrived unexpectedly. The Dream Catcher hanging next to the table breathed new thoughts and ideas with the autumn breeze. It's getting better – I reminded myself – it's good, come on, go on!

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