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Autumn is here. Happy September 1st! I can't believe how quickly summer has passed. And now there are three more seasons until S'24. I get up early, work a lot and believe that soon you will see my creative results.

By the way, thanks for the coffee! It's a lot of fun when an e-mail notification pops up and a virtual brew. Then you realize that someone liked what you wrote.

There's also a lot of joy when my e-shop also makes the cha-ching sound (New products on the way!). The meaning of it all forms, and the desire to create is further strengthened.

Although I think in seasons, in terms of creativity, I don't want to tie myself to them. After all, if autumn has already arrived in Lithuania, somewhere, even in Malaysia, where I lived for six years, there is the summer that smells of a child's dreams – never-ending and full of bathing.

I try my best to create a good design. I am creating from Vilnius to the World. I obey my inner voice, which is only getting stronger after 3A0 years. Less is enough for me now. I can live very modestly, but I will not give up my self-realization through design for anything.

And look up, there’s a selfie portraying my autumn mood!

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