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Time flies at the speed of light, here we go, summer is here once again.

It feels like I woke up from a state of deep hibernation, which lasted all spring. Suddenly you want everything again: from the freshest delicacies of Mom's and Dad's garden to the pleasures of summer warmth (travel, new memories, and new clothes).

Over the weekend, we'll be sitting on that summer grass and not doing too much – enjoying nature, setting up a bonfire, cooking something delicious, and letting mosquitoes bite our legs. As Italians say Dolce Far Niente (literally "sweet doing nothing, sweet idleness") – enjoy doing nothing! Kiss your dreams away into the sky, get wet in the summer rain and hail, and for the sake of a successful coming year, cross Saint Lake, where the photo "WE" was taken.

WE. All of this is the result of our chemistry. Forever Yours. Lithuania, 2019.

The colors of this summer? MAGENTA (for Her). GREEN OLIVE (for Him). WHITE (for Both).

Style formula? As mentioned in my previous post – "Quite Luxury + Retired + Something New".

Perfume? Fresh and light – Moschino Love LOVE, after all, to live is to repeat.

Drink? Mimosaaa!

Foundation powder? Newly discovered, irreplaceable, and perfect – Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk (5).

Mascara? Irreplaceable Loreal Bambi Eyes, after all, to live is to repeat.

A dish that has not yet been tried? Sophia’s Loren Bucatini alla Carbonara from her book. We found this book on one of the pizzeria's windowsills in Vilnius.

What clothes I’d like to buy? It’s time to create something of my own again. My heart hurts because of the way I abandoned my creations and the e-shop. I promise to get better. Life from time to time makes fun of you, gets you lost in its labyrinths without answers, and arranges everything differently than you have conceived. It's complicated. But the most interesting thing is that after being thrown ashore after the "storms", you stand up again and little by little you can resume your journey again.

The ritual of the day? Look at the photo FOCUS hung on the wall of the new home while drinking coffee with almond milk.

FOCUS. It symbolizes the goal – clear and vivid, with no doubts or second thoughts. The painting gives me the strength – to reach for it, to be patient, and to find creative solutions to all the problems that knock on my door. I could see the sun, which lights up the room and provides vitamin D during these grey periods. Focus is like Him, the one and only – a man, a lover, a life companion. To me, it‘s a designed perfection: colors, shapes, and the power to change. Focus, indeed. Lithuania, 2018.

Podcast? "Le Rendezvous, with Garance Dore".

What am I still learning? To love my speed and turn daily routine into action – what the Truth was talking about. After all, it wasn't for nothing that our paths crossed.

What do I want to learn? Trust the process and everything that happens during it.

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