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Maybe you missed me? Or maybe not, but the fact is that I missed myself in my blog.

Ten days flew by in a whirlwind of sketching, constructing, sewing, resewing, photographing, and more. The bustling activities left little room for quiet contemplation and writing, as both demand laser focus and silence.

Fresh thoughts and ideas emerged doors of opportunity swung open, and we savored a leisurely weekend by the Baltic Sea with M and friends. I allowed myself to unwind, clearing my mind for a couple of days, and woke up today revitalized with a surge of renewed energy.

Spring is in the air, signaling a time for renewal! (Think sunglasses, brand-new sneakers, accessories, and stylish attire!) Explore unique finds in my e-shop. Stay tuned as I'll soon be sharing my thoughts on spring-summer wardrobe inspirations.

Black and White Waterproof bag AGNElogue – Multi-purpose Bag for Personalized Style with a Sustainable Edge / Photo by Marius Kasperas

I'm currently in love with the AGNElogue line of white and magenta bags! In the quiet moments of the evening, I find myself pondering over additional color options. Capturing the essence of a product's feeling, style, and comfort in photos can sometimes be a challenge, but these bags are undeniably cool. Let me share a delightful anecdote: Two of my friends unexpectedly bumped into each other at the gym. While one was drying her hair, she spotted my magenta bag. Their eyes met, and they instantly recognized each other. It sparked laughter and joy, and it's all thanks to my bag that they had this wonderful reunion!

Wishing you all a great day! Let's keep pushing forward with our work, staying strong in the face of challenges.

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