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Browsing through my photos, I observed that two themes clearly feature in my galleries: deliciously tempting, fusion-Asian inspired cuisine, and stylish clothing with accessories. This observation aligns with the trending reels on Instagram, humorously addressing my tendency to allocate a significant portion of my budget to food and clothing. The irony persists - despite the investments, I often find myself HUNGRY and seemingly LACKING suitable outfits. Well, that's life's quirky twist, isn't it? Haha... You can catch the Reels on my Instagram.

In the beginning of 2024, familiar themes persist.

Firstly, Chef M continues to delight me and my friends with his delicious creations. My culinary contributions remain consistent, yet, as mentioned earlier, my dishes are bound by a "20-minute" time constraint. I confess I derive more pleasure from EATING than cooking. Perhaps, I'd rather apply the Japanese Konmari method to declutter my space than engage in culinary activities. Well, we all have our preferences, don't we? I strive to burn off indulgent meals through activities like yoga, Solvitur Ambulando, or simply by staying active during house cleaning.

The most delicious dish at the moment?

Lots of fried vegetables (fresh cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, zucchini, etc.) with fresh-spicy chilies and steamed flat noodles seasoned with e.g. shrimp. Well, there are various flavor improvisations from the Wok Noodles family.

As for clothing, my New Year's wardrobe is stocked with BAM's Enduro Bamboo Deep Waistband Leggings in a Northern Lights print, paired with bamboo socks suitable for both yoga and daily wear. I gifted bamboo socks to my friends for Christmas as well.

A unique addition to my closet is a special pair of MQ pants from Sukne Boutique. These pants are knitted with a chunky pattern and feature magenta weaves. They are perfect for those days when you want to look WOW (absolutely stunning) and embody that confident "You-GO-Girl" vibe; they fulfill that desire completely.

The desire for food, clothing, accessories, and sneakers continues to GROW with the years, as unending as ever. However, I find immense satisfaction in the fact that my HUNGER, as discussed in the book "Touching Mars," now has its boundaries. Most of the time, a simple act of closing my eyes and recalling Agnelogue's experiences (feel free to start reading from here) brings calm to my heart and mind. I've found joy in embracing my body since turning 3A0. It's not flawless, sometimes aches, but it's uniquely mine. Regular yoga helps it become more flexible, showing that there are always ways to improve.

Jumping into Adriene's 'Flow - 30 Days of Yoga 2024' journey today! I warmly invite you to join us and kickstart the New Year with positivity!

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