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This morning began with the feeling that today is Saturday (though it's Friday), accompanied by a leisurely breakfast (coffee with almond milk and pizza) and a gentle yoga session (reminding myself to leave behind anything that didn't work out on the yoga mat).

On the table, a second mug of coffee with almond milk steams, while this entry clears the week's cloud of thoughts.

✨ Do you know how to create mini 20-minute vacations?

Put on a nourishing or beautifying Korean face mask, best kept cold (stored in the fridge), and consciously, with a sense of "here and now," be with yourself. Also, I remind myself of one of my mantras: living is about repeating. Mini vacations work best in the mornings, before a day full of work and projects. Best wishes!

✨ My mood?

Equanimity. I remain calm, trust life's processes, and accept what's happening. A bracelet inscribed on my left wrist reminds me of this every day.

✨ Most anticipated show of the month?

Netflix's Queer Eye, an American reality television series where each episode features five advisors (food and wine, interior design and home, grooming, culture and lifestyle, fashion) spending a week applying their expertise to help improve someone's life situation. Tan France's elegant and subtle insights change lives through clothing!!! Love it!

✨ Lessons of the month? A few lessons learned, now being reminded by life.

One lesson embodies in photography: FOCUS. Focus and concentration in life are indeed important.

The second - my beloved Snail. Remember when I told you about going out running and noticing a snail and a red Coca-Cola bottle cap while circling the stadium? After twenty laps barely catching my breath, sweat pouring like rivers, yet the snail's crawl of two meters with its tiny horns protruding looked extremely graceful and charming. Where are we constantly rushing to???

The third - patience (to analyze this in all senses).

✨ Color of April?

Champagne (ChampAGNE!)! This includes my newly created kimonos, which you'll find at the boutique "Sukne", and newly purchased massive MQ jeans from there as well.

✨ Most beautiful men's clothing of the month?

Pako Lorente mint-colored polo shirts.

✨ Most beautiful women's clothing stolen from the man's closet this month?

Pako Lorente white/black oversized S or M size shirts, in which you'll drown in all senses.

✨ Highly relevant fashion trend?

Dopamine clothing.

Coffee finished.

The sun is shining and inviting to be outdoors in the fresh air. So, I go.

Let's catch up soon!

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